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Service Contract Refund Guarantee (GPR)

FAQ’s :

Definition.  "Guaranteed Price Refunds (GPRs)", as they are known in the service contract industry, are a program add-on seldom offered by dealerships.  GPRs are designed to offer purchasers the opportunity to have their service contract purchase price refunded if no claims are presented during the service contract's term.  Some states require that these refund programs be insured in the event the original sellers of the service contract fails to honor GPR claims. 

HAS GPR Contract Differences. HAS GPRs are independent contracts solely between HAS and the consumer.  HAS GPRs were sometimes sold in conjunction with the sale of a separate insured service contract in which it acted in the capacity of the obligor and the service contract’s obligations were insured by Heritage Warranty Insurance RRG, Inc. (HRRG), a South Carolina domiciled risk retention group insurer.  The reason HAS GPRs were sold independently and therefore are uninsured was due to HRRG’s regulators not allowing HRRG insurance coverage to be provided because of the extreme loss volatility associated with GPR programs.  The regulatory prohibition is believed to have been the reason why the current owner and HAS’s independent actuary were unable to detect, during the purchaser’s due diligence examination prior to the sale and during periodic actuarial evaluations, any liability associated with GPRs.  As a result, there were neither specific reserves created for GPRs on HAS’s accounting statements nor are there funds now available to pay GPR claims. 

HAS Regulatory Status.  As set forth in other information HAS was previously insured by HRRG located in South Carolina whose Department of Insurance is currently actively regulating HRRG’s operations.  Because of a lack of funds to pay future claims, HRRG cancelled its insurance policy in 2007 and HAS began to wind down or “run off” its existing unexpired service contract business.  Due to a number of other undisclosed liabilities being discovered after the purchase and extensive legal fees incurred to either prosecute or defend lawsuits, HAS’s assets were further depleted.  In spite of the above factors HAS’s owner is committed to paying HAS’s GPR claims from cash flow derived from other resources in the sequence those types of claims are submitted. 


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Questions may also be directed to HAS Claims at P.O. Box 2082, Dublin, OH  43017 or 877-356-1500, Ext. 7007.