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In 2007, Heritage Administration Services, Inc. (HAS) elected to cease selling vehicle service contracts due to adverse loss development caused by a variety of factors.  At this time, the underlying financial reserves of HAS have been exhausted.  To date, over 377,000 claims and refunds for more than $199 million dollars have been paid. 


HAS Contact Information.  Heritage Administration Services, Inc. (HAS) formerly known as Heritage TPA, Inc. is a Nebraska corporation whose headquarters were initially located in Lincoln, Nebraska.  HAS was sold in 2004 and the administrative duties were relocated in 2006 to the address and contact information located below. 

Service Contract Role.  HAS is the legal entity in your service contract (contract obligor) primarily responsible for the payment of eligible claims covered by the terms and conditions of your contract, and for the refunds of unearned fees for contracts sold under various programs from 1999 through 2007.  As well, HAS acted as the administrator for vehicle service contracts, adjusting claims and responding to other servicing requests until its new owner assigned the administration of HAS service contracts to NASC in 2006.

Insurance.  HAS was insured under a claims-made Service Contract Reimbursement Insurance Policy issued by HRRG.  Due to the lack of funds available to pay future claims, HRRG cancelled this insurance policy in 2007 and HAS began to wind down or “run off” its service contract business.  HAS will reimburse claimants in accordance with the schedule of payments.  To determine when your estimated payment is scheduled, enter your claim number below. 

Business Fortunes. After HAS was purchased, the new owners discovered a number of undisclosed liabilities.  Several of these liabilities resulted in extensive legal fees being incurred to either prosecute or defend lawsuits which had the cumulative effect of further depleting HAS's remaining assets.  Additionally, the current recession has caused an additional erosion of HAS's operating funds due to the business failures of repair facilities and certain auto dealers who are now not able to perform repairs for reasonable rates and to refund their portion of their retained unearned service contract commissions. 

As a result of the above factors, HAS's owner has now committed to pay HAS' claims from cash flow derived from other resources in the sequence those claims are submitted.  HAS' current management certainly regrets operating in this manner but is faced with limited options in continuing to honor the remaining service contract obligations. 

FAQ’s :

Is HAS Out of Business?  HAS stopped selling service contracts in 2007 due to forecasts that it would not have adequate funds to continue to pay losses for the unexpired periods of liability remaining on its service contracts.  However, HAS continues to pay claims as funds become available through contributions from other sources.  HAS stopped active administrative operations in 2007, and that process was turned over to NASC.  HAS does not have employees.  All inquiries need to go through NASC at the address located below.

Direct Payment of Claims Versus Being Reimbursed.  The terms of HAS service contracts grant HAS the option to either pay claims directly or request the contract holder to pay the claim and seek reimbursement from HAS.  HAS will pay claims in the sequence the claims are submitted as funds become available.

When will my claim be paid?  Enter your claim number in the search field below for an estimated payment date.


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Questions may also be directed to HAS Claims at P.O. Box 2082, Dublin, OH  43017 or 877-356-1500, Ext. 7007. 

Will Claims be Reimbursed if a Service Contract Expires?  If an eligible claim is incurred prior to a contract’s expiration date, HAS will pay the claim in the sequence that it was submitted. 

Specific Contact Persons.  Service contract communications with contract holders are taken by the next available servicing representative.  As a result, there are not specific individuals at NASC exclusively assigned to specific HAS claim inquiries. 

HRRG Regulatory Status.  HRRG was licensed as an insurance company in 2002 under the laws of South Carolina and therefore is primarily subject to the jurisdiction and oversight of the SCDOI.  The SCDOI reviews the business plan of HRRG on an annual basis and actively regulates the operations of HRRG in accordance with that plan.  Presently, HRRG is in runoff and has not written or renewed any business since early 2008 in compliance with requests of the SCDOI.  Communications regarding HRRG, HAS, their affiliates and the SCDOI are confidential pursuant to various statutes.  HRRG and HAS maintain an open dialogue with the SCDOI, and endeavor to routinely communicate with their representatives.  HRRG is committed to dedicating all available funds to the payment of consumer claims arising from HRRG obligations.  All HRRG funds, which are available for distribution to consumers, are distributed in the ordinary course of business of HRRG.